Not only does having a dog at work bring multiple benefits to mental health, including making people smile, relieving stress and improving morale, but our canine friends are also happier when they are with their human companions! Some also enjoy making other four legged friends.

Over lockdown, many households brought dogs into their lives and according to the PFMA, there are now 12 million dogs in the UK. While we'd all love to spend more time with our beloved pets, going to work and having to leave them behind can be a woeful experience for both parties. There is however a solution to leaving your dog at home which is taking your dog to work with you. But what if your workplace is not currently dog friendly?

Jo Sowry with happy brown dog on floor
Image Credit: Jo Sowry

Get approval from your peers first: Asking colleagues how they would feel about having a dog in the office will surely help your manager to feel more at ease with the idea if there is more buy in amongst fellow peers.

Show your manager the stats: Many studies show that having a dog in the office boosts creativity, fosters communication between employees and helps raise mental wellbeing. Having a dog in the office can also help to attract the top talent.

Ask for a test day: Getting your workplace to agree to just one day to trial having a dog around can be an easier experience than changing a policy all together. Allowing your workplace first hand to see how a typical day could be, it may sway them in making it permanent. Taking part in Bring Your Dog To Work Day is a great way to get senior buy in whilst also raising funds for a good cause.

Persevere and offer to help: If the answer is no for the time being, try again in the next six months and explain how important it is to you. Ask for specific reasons why and provide guidance to overcome the issues. There are however some work spaces which wouldn't be suitable for dogs to be roaming in, for instance a factory floor. So make sure you keep health and safety in mind and suggest a dedicated space for dogs to stay, like a cafe or office space where pooches can be kept safe and happy.

Dogs playing in office
Image Credit: Jo Sowry

Bring Your Dog To Work Day Event

Bring Your Dog To Work Day was first brought to life by ethical dog company HOWND®  in 2014 when an office move meant that they were only able to bring their dogs to the office for one day of the year. They decided to make this a national event, and thousands of people now take part every year. Bring Your Dog To Work Day now also raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs. Join in the fun on the next #BringYourDogToWorkDay on 23 June 2023. See more.